How do You calculate your profits as an Amazon Seller?


Are excel sheets eating up your time?

Amazon Seller Analytics Software

Beanmetrics pulls in your LIVE amazon data and crunches the numbers to provide you with clear, decision-making metrics about your business.

Track COGS and other expenses

Understand your expenses, like Cost of Goods Sold, Amazon commissions and fees, PPC Campaigns and custom added expenses.

Statistics per SKU or ASIN

Get sales velocity, profit and losses on a per item level. Know which items are worth carrying to boost profits and supply chain efficiency.

Custom date-range Performance breakdown

Compare daily, weekly, monthly and custom date-range charts and reports.

Drop those Excel Sheets! Know what’s working and what’s not using date-range metrics right on your dashboard!

  • 1:1 Support

    U.S. based instant customer support. We don't fool around.


    We welcome feedback and feature requests. We take pride in working closely with our customers to incorporate their ideas into our product. It's like having your own in-house software team!


    We are always updating our software with new features and performance upgrades.

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CASE STUDY – 7 figure Amazon Seller


A 7-figure Amazon reselling company could not keep track of their financial performance in an efficient manner. This left them scratching their heads when it came time to pay commissions to each other. Tax season was a ‘guess the magic number’ sort of game, where each person would dream up the amount of profit they made. That’s when they called the team at Beanmetrics...

Who the heck are you guys?

Up until this point, our team has been a software consulting firm, providing custom software solutions to ecommerce sellers.

What did you do?

We spent months building out the application while working closely with our client to include features that serve the ultimate purpose of financial clarity.

What happened next?

The Amazon seller had removed the items that weren’t working and doubled-down on what was working. They optimized their refund process because they were able to see how much money was gained or lost per transaction. Knowing their profits and ROI, they became smarter, data-driven investors.

The results?

Increased profit margins. Decreased average time in inventory. Higher Return on investment. Increased Growth Overall.

We are a mix of engineers and amazon sellers who leverage software to increase success for our customers. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ data, therefore we will not access or utilize your data unless given explicit permission from you. All data is encrypted using SSL.
Our mission is to make Amazon Sellers more money. We provide financial clarity to your Amazon business. This includes profit analytics, cost of goods, and pay-per-click metrics.
The Beanmetrics team plans to roll out more features with the goal of giving Amazon Sellers more depth into their account while having an easy and useful experience.
Customer support is strictly based only from our team in the United States. This means you will get instant 1:1 support from people who are constantly working closely with the software.